Spring Week #9 – Team


Render, render, render! The team has been hard at work compositing shots as their frames get rendered. We spend our days working on compositing, recording missing frames, and sticking computers on the farm. Anna has completed her sequence and has been working hard on making visuals for our senior show presentation including a dog and man walk cycle, renders of our plants and environments to show before and after, and transitions in our presentation.

The Good ~ We’re more than 50% rendered and comped. We met with our sound guy and he’s still enthusiastic about working on the project, although we only have a week left. Our presentation looks nice. Our teammates have fused via space dust. 

Help. We’re tired.

The Bad ~ 7 days left. We’re all tired. Cali has had a noise bug in her shots after the environment facelift a week ago that has been causing issues, but was an easy (just kidding) fix by importing all the shot into scenes that were successful at rendering. It’s not an easy bug to explain and has a 50% success rate on the imports… that’s Maya for you. We screwed up our second photo shoot. Whoops …

We are now a horror film? 

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