Spring PPJ #10 – Will Reardon

We are done! This as our final week of production. We all worked on creating our final composites and edits to our renders through the Foundy’s Nuke.

We met for several color-correction sessions where we critiqued each other’s final comps. Later, we met with Jackson Mumford, who is handling our project’s audio. After seeing his work we all felt that the project really came to life. This was a positive week overall and it’s satisfying and validating to see our final product.

Some songs that relate my feelings throughout production.

Slowly Melting by Nomeansno

I, the Witchfinder by Electric Wizard

Love Lost by The Temper Trap


Spring PPJ #10 – Team

It’s been a long haul. Six days until Senior Showcase and eight days until graduation. We’re meeting with our sound guy tonight and getting to hear the final audio from start to finish in conjunction with our animation. It is both terrifying and relieving to be here right now, but we have definitely come a long way.

Our collaborative rendering spreadsheet. 100%!

This past week has been anxiously hovering over renders and sneakily commandeering lab computers during the day to put on the farm. It was a lot of sitting and waiting for exr sequences, while simultaneously setting up the comps and pngs, rotoscoping, color-correcting, and redoing background plates to cover up errors we couldn’t fix in 3D.

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! 

Now that we’re about to send off our animation to the promo people, we get a little bit of a breather to spend time with our loved ones before everyone goes their separate ways after graduation. Dragon Bones went to Senior Sendoff at Wahoos Tacos and will be going to Senior Toast this week. Aviva won a TV. We’re wrapping up our loose ends as college students, ready to start the next chapter of our lives.


Senior Sendoff . Aviva won a TV.

We did it.


Aviva Gomberg: the FINAL PPJ

WOW final PPJ! This is so exciting who even knows what to say! I am in high spirits today because the end is near.

This week I just finished everything I needed to do I guess. Renders, comps, background plates, what have you. I feel pretty confident in the work I did, and am more relaxed today than I would’ve expected for the day before the project is due. Lots of crazy late nights, weird, reversed sleep schedules and high stress this past week but I feel fairly optimistic. I kept doing this thing were I would get home at 6 am from the labs and then play the Sims even though I desperately need the sleep. It’s been a weird last week.

THE GOOD: Really the only news you need to hear. I went to the senior sendoff today with a bunch of other digms and i won a TV in the raffle!! Very exciting.

THE BAD: I did waste a lot of time so the work I did I probably could’ve done more productively. But whatever.



Party on.


Spring PPJ #10- Cali Chesterman

This sprint has mostly been about babysitting renders, making sure there is enough space on the

server, and editing everything together. I did some last minute changes on comps, with color corrects and rotos in other people’s shots, while also trying to keep the coloring in mine consistent.

It’s been a busy week, but we’re almost there. We’re meeting with our sound guy tonight at 8 and everything should be ready for delivery.

A wonderful thing that happened is that we got to do a Senior Sendoff event, one of the best Drexel-sponsored senior events so far. It was so nice to sit and relax a bit in the middle of the day. Oh, and Aviva won a TV. Her first TV. 😀 We also got a really heartfelt talking from one of our faculty members and it’s really what I needed to hear after weeks of pessimism. Maybe a glimmer of hope? We’ll see what the future has in store. 

It’s just Senior Show to look forward to now. Practicing our lines. We’re going to make cookies for the showcase and try our best to get our freebies ready to go.  

Senior Sendoff . Aviva won a TV.

Spring Term PPJ #9 – Anna Rebman


Last PPJ ever! We are 100% rendered and composited. We are going to do a group color correction session and meet with Jackson, our wonderful audio and music guy, tonight and then we’re submitting it and then we’re done!

We still have to practice our presentation and bake cookies, but it’s such a relief to be finishing up. I was worried at the beginning of the term that we’d be working ourselves hard every single day until the senior show and graduation that we would never have time to see any of our other friends until it was too late and we were in the car, packed up and leaving and realizing that we never got to do x, y, and z or say goodbye to anyone. Now that we’re done I’ve been making so many plans with people. I’ve got a week left to spend with these people I haven’t seen in months because I’ve been so busy.


The Bad: I have never been to the Mutter Museum. I’ve been here for four years and I’ve never had the chance. I want to hangout more with my roommates before we find ourselves on opposite sides of the country. I have so many regrets about things I haven’t done yet or enough of, and now I’ve got a week to take all my finals and do everything that I still want to do before I leave forever. It’s not enough time.

The Good: DONE!


Spring Week 10 – Aidan Dougher PPJ


So, this is the last week, we turn in the project tomorrow morning. I’m equally terrified and relieved. I am not going to be completely satisfied with our final, but I will deal with what we have. I’m never going to be satisfied with anything I turn in, I guess it’s not in my personality to be satisfied with my art. I can always imagine it being better, I can see something bigger and better with every project I have apart in.

This week was entirely comping and waiting on renders, I was really scared for a while that my renders for one of my shots would be terrible. But they weren’t bad, but there were a lot, a lot, a lot of re-renders. Not as many as other teams, but for some reason, one of my sequences wouldn’t render out some frames correctly, which was dumb. then there was the case of the missing pants, and the case of clipping geometry. But in the end, it was all worth it, because I got I pretty good sequence out. We had a bit of a scare last night when Will had not worked on his comp all weekend, but that all worked out and we were able to fix up some of his plants that didn’t look so nice.

Over the past 10 or so months we have gone from a witch girl, a little boy pulling a wagon to a man on an alien planet with a dog creature. We went from a more desert theme to a pastel theme, leaning heavily on pink and purple. I’m not terribly happy with our story, but it does an okay job I guess.

Overall I had a nice enough time on this project, and although we all had our differences, we were able to make an animation together, which is pretty awesome. I’m very tired from rendering and comping all weekend, and I’m glad I had this experience.