Aviva Gomberg: the FINAL PPJ

WOW final PPJ! This is so exciting who even knows what to say! I am in high spirits today because the end is near.

This week I just finished everything I needed to do I guess. Renders, comps, background plates, what have you. I feel pretty confident in the work I did, and am more relaxed today than I would’ve expected for the day before the project is due. Lots of crazy late nights, weird, reversed sleep schedules and high stress this past week but I feel fairly optimistic. I kept doing this thing were I would get home at 6 am from the labs and then play the Sims even though I desperately need the sleep. It’s been a weird last week.

THE GOOD: Really the only news you need to hear. I went to the senior sendoff today with a bunch of other digms and i won a TV in the raffle!! Very exciting.

THE BAD: I did waste a lot of time so the work I did I probably could’ve done more productively. But whatever.



Party on.



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