Spring PPJ #10 – Team

It’s been a long haul. Six days until Senior Showcase and eight days until graduation. We’re meeting with our sound guy tonight and getting to hear the final audio from start to finish in conjunction with our animation. It is both terrifying and relieving to be here right now, but we have definitely come a long way.

Our collaborative rendering spreadsheet. 100%!

This past week has been anxiously hovering over renders and sneakily commandeering lab computers during the day to put on the farm. It was a lot of sitting and waiting for exr sequences, while simultaneously setting up the comps and pngs, rotoscoping, color-correcting, and redoing background plates to cover up errors we couldn’t fix in 3D.

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! 

Now that we’re about to send off our animation to the promo people, we get a little bit of a breather to spend time with our loved ones before everyone goes their separate ways after graduation. Dragon Bones went to Senior Sendoff at Wahoos Tacos and will be going to Senior Toast this week. Aviva won a TV. We’re wrapping up our loose ends as college students, ready to start the next chapter of our lives.


Senior Sendoff . Aviva won a TV.

We did it.