Spring Term PPJ #9 – Anna Rebman


Last PPJ ever! We are 100% rendered and composited. We are going to do a group color correction session and meet with Jackson, our wonderful audio and music guy, tonight and then we’re submitting it and then we’re done!

We still have to practice our presentation and bake cookies, but it’s such a relief to be finishing up. I was worried at the beginning of the term that we’d be working ourselves hard every single day until the senior show and graduation that we would never have time to see any of our other friends until it was too late and we were in the car, packed up and leaving and realizing that we never got to do x, y, and z or say goodbye to anyone. Now that we’re done I’ve been making so many plans with people. I’ve got a week left to spend with these people I haven’t seen in months because I’ve been so busy.


The Bad: I have never been to the Mutter Museum. I’ve been here for four years and I’ve never had the chance. I want to hangout more with my roommates before we find ourselves on opposite sides of the country. I have so many regrets about things I haven’t done yet or enough of, and now I’ve got a week to take all my finals and do everything that I still want to do before I leave forever. It’s not enough time.

The Good: DONE!