PPJ #1 – Aidan Dougher

In these past two weeks I’ve done a few different small tasks to help out other people. I worked on the animatic with Will for an hour, I worked on some environment concept for an hour or two for our presentation. I also worked on the website with Anna for two and a half hours. Most recently I worked on the orthos for our dog character.

“The Good”– I’m going to be moving onto modeling and fixing up the Ortho’s if needed in the next week. One the Dog is modeled we will be in much better shape for doing our pop-thru animatic by the end of the term. Right now, I’m looking into the best way to do blend shapes for the Dog’s head because we will want him to emote a lot because he is our main character.

“The Bad” — Our team has done the a lot of our work during meetings, and we are constantly talking about the look and feel of everything in our animation. Then we all agree on something, end the meeting, go our separate ways to work, then when we come back we all have different versions of the thing we thought we all agreed on. We as a group need to learn to communicate our ideas a bit better so that we aren’t put into this situation as often as we usually are.




PPJ #1 – Anna Rebman

In the past two weeks, Aidan and I took 2.5 hours to set up the website, and I took 3 hours to do rigging research and planning and 1 hour on environment concepts and mapping, in addition to the hours that the five of us met as a group for concept sketches, storyboarding, and color concepts. I also helped Cali with organizing the Gantt chart for about 4 hours. And since the website layout was showing its faults as we started posting, I reorganized the layout to be more aesthetically pleasing in about 2 hours.

Environment Evening Color Scheme

The Bad: We are still trying to find good times to meet throughout the week, so there have been a lot of last minute meetings and confusion about meeting times. We should have met the day before our first presentation but instead we met an hour before, which was not enough time to fix the issues we discovered with our PowerPoint. There are also a lot of unknowns that we are trying to account for in the Gantt chart. There are a lot of variables and broad estimations of time that could make a big difference in the end.

The Good: We have been doing most of our work together at group meetings, which works well for our current stage with concepts and designs being pitched and critiqued. Outside of these meetings, there hasn’t been as much to do for individual members, but the orthographics are nearly done and modeling and rigging will start soon, which will keep everyone busy for a while. I’ll be rigging the dog using the orthographics while Aidan is modeling so nobody is waiting around for something to do.