Anna Gives Man New Sight

We had had this issue before that took us forever to see, where the iris of the man was not following the controller and was always pointed forward. But he’s fixed now! It was a small rigging oversight.



The Man seems to have a bit of a problem, but hopefully we will be able to fix him by tomorrow, cheers.

Cali Adds Clothes!

Man has clothes attached. Unwrapped all the clothing so it’s easy to texture (boots, pants, shirt, belt, belt buckle) Did some weight painting so the skin doesn’t show from underneath. Still a little wonky, but everything is attached. YEAH!

Still having some problems with the right side of his face… weight painting is getting caught on something.

– Unwrap his hair.
– Gantt (org)
– Rig + Paint hair
– Add man clothes (paint/UV?)
– Pipeline Docs & Dope Sheet
– Finalize 2D animatic , allocate shots.



Cali Fixes Admin Work

Trying to get our project a little more organized and get back on the ball. Cleaned up a lot of files, which we’ve just been dumping…

Also made a Rig guide for my teammates, so they can do tests and play with the rigs, to check for bugs and so on. I still need to implement the clothing and add a few joints to the hair so he’s no all starchy. Secondary motion is helpful and looks nice.

I want to be done with rigs by Tuesday next week. Painting and all. Hopefully everyone gives me a good bug report.

Next up is fixing Gantt chart. I’ve glanced over it and a lot of tasks are outdated or don’t exist anymore. It should help my team keep on track. 🙂

– Gantt (org)
– Rig + Paint hair
– Add man clothes (paint/UV?)
– Pipeline Docs & Dope Sheet
– Finalize 2D animatic , allocate shots.

PPJ#7 Aidan Dougher

So this week I made a man beard and I attempted to get the Dog’s corrective blend shapes to work. But I am having slight difficulties making the Blend shapes work correctly. I can apply the blend shapes, but I cannot make them work in parallel with the Dog rig, which is a major issue.  The blend shapes keep creating a double transform. Then on top of that, my Maya file (which I could have sworn I saved) was no where to be found on my desktop after I had already quit out of Maya. Sucks to suck I guess. I fixed that last part up today though which is better, but I still didn’t have a solution to my issue of the double transforms.

I’ve had a pretty terrible week but hey, it can only get worse from here.

The Good : I made some hair for the Man, Yay! I am implementing Blend shapes for the Dog, Yay!

The Bad : We are behind and we don’t seem to be catching up anytime soon. The Blend shapes aren’t working perfectly yet. We need to start animating and we haven’t yet.

Cali makes Facial SDKs

… And they break. The SDKs don’t like to be blended, and setting their values at “0” doesn’t seem to be working. I hiccuped and did a  “lock and hide channel”, but now they’re unlocked and unhidden, and its still doing the same thing. They work fine in individual attribute channels, but break otherwise. What’s going on? AHHHHHH . He looks like he’s out of a horror movie. sdks-broken

Aidan – PPJ #6

Over break a I worked on making XGen Hair work on the man, but I failed miserably, so now we have poly hair for the man. Well, we will, once I pull up the old file of the man with hair and separate the hair from his face so we can rig it up. I did a lot of blend shapes for our dog’s face. Our rig isn’t quite done yet, but we are almost there. Just a few more adjustments and it should be done by next week. The dog’s blend shapes are slowing creating an army and it’s kinda funny.

Over break I saw my friends from high school and we watched Doctor Strange (Which looked great but the plot was unsatisfying)  and we hung out on new years and it was fun. I also hung out with my own dog, Chipper, who is a very bad dog, but he is also the cutest dog ever. I tried to take reference of him but my phone was full of who knows what, so I couldn’t take any pictures or video of him, but he’s still a cutie.

Over the next week I hope to finish up all my dog blend shapes, teach the other’s on my team who don’t know how to work blend shapes how they work, and to finish the man’s hair.

The Good: We have characters, we have a story, we have character models and semi-finished rigs. Yay us!

The Bad: We are so behind, and even though some of us worked over break we are still behind, hopefully we can pull together and get everything done.

Cali Makes Belts and Paints Weights

Got a lot of the weight painting done in the face and body. I need the beard to move on with further weight painting around the mouth so that the beard moves with the facial expressions. Next step is facial SDKs, which I’m anticipating to go smoothly, considering I have a good grasp on the face’s weight-painting. For the most part, face rigging is done.


The lower body needs some more work, the legs have picked up weights in the torso and fingers, which screwed it up. The way weights lock is weird. Also, mirroring weights seems to rarely work. Whatever. *sigh*

I made a belt-harness. Need to UV unwrap it (or maybe I’ll just throw into Mudbox).

– Face SDKs
– Body re-weight
– Emotion test: face
– Attach beard + rig + weight
– attach harness
– UV unwrap harness.
– Go home for Xmas (gross)


Cali does facial rigging

Made some tweaks to the body rig so they’re more intuitive to use for the animators. Includes changing colors of controllers and locking channels that aren’t supposed to be touched. We should make “READ_ME” for both characters so people know how they move.

Facial rig is overdue, but getting the joints, normal, geo, parent, and point constraints in. The left eye and weight painting are the next steps. Aidan is working on R&D for hair (xgen, sims, polys?). I’ve made a few mistakes so far (parent groups are the worst), but have fixed them up very quickly. Overall I feel a lot, lot, lot stronger in rigging. I’m getting very good at troubleshooting technical problems between the rigs and the renderers. She also taught me Mudbox so I can play with textures – I have some base textures in for the man, but the rig is more important right now.

This month-long break is a blessing, I feel like I can focus on getting work done.

Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights” has been on my mind and I have been listening to this charming British man’s voice tell me everything going on in the painting.