PPJ#15 Aidan Dougher

This week is strange, because for some reason people didn’t know what they should be working on. Which might be some bad organization, but at the same time we make sure everyone knows what they should be doing before they leave our meetings every  week, or at least I think we do. But the should be something online that tells everyone what to do, and people should check it, update it, check stuff off on it. But for now, I just stressed one of our team-members out, which I seem to be doing a lot, but I’m not really sorry. I mean, I’m sorry that they gets stressed out, but I’m not sorry that they don’t like the idea of a deadline being imposed, because we need animation, and the sooner they get their stuff into me or Cali or anyone else, the better.

Render tests render test, pantless

I wear no pants. Ever. Never.

I’ve been at odds with some of my group members this week, and someone told me that I needed to relax yesterday and I blew up at them, which wasn’t very nice of me but at the same time, when you want someone to relax or calm down, you don’t tell them to do that. I’ve also felt a bit alienated and that my work doesn’t matter to the group and no one seems to care that I made hoodoo’s and textures for our plants, I don’t get crits on them, I just get from another group member that maybe they will go in a change the texture (aside from the hoodoo’s I decided I would put a placeholder texture there, because I knew the textures would be altered later). Maybe I would have liked to be informed that my hoodoo’s weren’t good enough and I should fix them up, because I made changes to my hoodoo’s last week, just so that they don’t look like penis’ anymore, and then, there was more changes made to them. which it fine they probably needed to be done, but my ego is a little bruised because I wasn’t asked to make the changes, they were just made for me. But I suppose as long as it gets done.

I worked on my animation a whole ton this week, I also worked on instancing plants into my scene and lighting my scene better and batch rendering my scene. I hate lighting so much because I thought my lighting was okay but I’m not getting enough rim light on the characters, and I spent a loooooonnnnnnnggggg time yesterday trying to fix them, but I couldn’t, which sucks. I hate lighting so so much. Here are some of my lighting render tests from Saturday. They don’t have rim lights.

The Good: We are done with the term. We have animation. The render farm works but is still a bit unreliable.

The Bad: People still don’t know what they should be working on and then get mad at me or someone else when suddenly we ask for something that they didn’t know they should be working on. That shouldn’t happen and we should have an updated