Cali and Aidan Do Alpha Video

Cali and Aidan Worked on a newer version of the Alpha Video today for our pitch on November 29th, and then uploaded it to youtube. Watch it and look at our other things on our youtube channel!dragonbonespic


PPJ #2 – Will Reardon

This week I created orthographic views of the Man’s ship. This is to create reference to model from and it also forces me to more precisely imagine and display the spaceship.

As a group, we reworked our story again and added a decent amount to the beginning of the animation to help define the characters of the man and the dog. We met on Saturday and Sunday to complete the story. We also met up on Monday to finalize and practice our presentation.

The ship orthographic views were created without trouble. The team’s meetings over the weekend, while long, were very productive and allowed us to clarify our ideas a lot.

A large strain on the team this week was the 24-hour animation jam. While the jam was completed willingly, it took up a large part of the weekend and made us condense our production.

PPJ #1 – Will Reardon

“The Good”– This week I set out to make designs and art for the man’s crashed spaceship. Our team met this past Thursday to hammer out some story concepts and to draft some various spaceship designs as a group.

Taking these designs and building from them, I created four main illustrations for the spaceship. I created two versions of a blocky, hard-edged ship and two versions of a smooth, curved ship. The blocky, geometric ships fit more naturally into my style and so I was iterating off of my own designs. For the smooth ships I worked from concepts drawn up by Cali and Anna during the meeting.

And what went well was I think the meeting Thursday was good for getting stylistically different ships on the table.

In total, I spent approximately 5 hours working on concept art. I worked on the art for 2 hours  Saturday and  3 hours Monday.

“The Bad” — I was late in making the concepts because other obligations took up more time than anticipated.


PPJ #1 – Cali Chesterman

Cali Chesterman

PPJ #1

My primary focus is project management, organization, and making sure everyone knows what they’re doing between meetings. The team meets 3 times a week, 9 hours a week, to work together. These past few weeks I’ve been working on concept art for the man, and will move on to doing orthographic perspectives to give Aviva to model and I can begin rigging.


  • We’ve hit all of our internal deadline since Summer Term.
  • The team has been happy with my output of the man’s concept art thus far. We’re in a good spot to move on to 3D.
  • We’ve spent a lot of time workshopping and working together as a team.
  • Everyone on the team is on the same page about man, dog, environment, ship, and (almost) story. We’re still working out the kinks, based on faculty feedback from Week #2 presentation.


  • Our Gantt chart does not accurately reflect all of our internal deadlines, so it needs another draft and revisions. Mauriello gave us a list of things he wants to see by each week, so we need to hit those checkpoints.
  • Our presentation could have been better for Week 2. I was responsible for the Powerpoint delivery and let my team down. Now that I’m adjusted to my new school schedule it shouldn’t happen again.


  • We could benefit from some team-building activities that are outside of Senior Project. We’re doing the 24-hour animation jam this weekend, and perhaps doing something for Halloween.
  • I need to make changes to color palette of man’s spacesuit.
  • I’m working on orthos for the presentation next week.

PPJ #1 – Anna Rebman

In the past two weeks, Aidan and I took 2.5 hours to set up the website, and I took 3 hours to do rigging research and planning and 1 hour on environment concepts and mapping, in addition to the hours that the five of us met as a group for concept sketches, storyboarding, and color concepts. I also helped Cali with organizing the Gantt chart for about 4 hours. And since the website layout was showing its faults as we started posting, I reorganized the layout to be more aesthetically pleasing in about 2 hours.

Environment Evening Color Scheme

The Bad: We are still trying to find good times to meet throughout the week, so there have been a lot of last minute meetings and confusion about meeting times. We should have met the day before our first presentation but instead we met an hour before, which was not enough time to fix the issues we discovered with our PowerPoint. There are also a lot of unknowns that we are trying to account for in the Gantt chart. There are a lot of variables and broad estimations of time that could make a big difference in the end.

The Good: We have been doing most of our work together at group meetings, which works well for our current stage with concepts and designs being pitched and critiqued. Outside of these meetings, there hasn’t been as much to do for individual members, but the orthographics are nearly done and modeling and rigging will start soon, which will keep everyone busy for a while. I’ll be rigging the dog using the orthographics while Aidan is modeling so nobody is waiting around for something to do.

Will Makes Concept Art and Illustrations

This week I am tasked with creating concept art for the spaceship in our animation. I have several different ideas to go off of for the ship’s design, so I will create several finished possible versions of the ship. I began working on this in Photoshop yesterday, Oct. 1, and I will continue to create and polish ships for Tuesday.

PPJ#1 – Aviva Gomberg

For the past two weeks I’ve been working on storyboards and concept art for the dog. The storyboards were a really involved process that I would estimate I worked on for about 20 hours over the first week. I made them in separate layers and saved those layers out separately so they could be turned into an animatic. This past week I’ve devoted most of my time to concept art for the dog, which has led to a finalized design! This is great because this allowed us to move onto orthos and modeling soon!

“The Good”– I spent a ton of time on the storyboards! I’m really proud of that. The process of coming up with the dog was really fun. We devoted a meeting with Prof. Mauriello to sketching dogs and ideas. I then used our sketches  to formulate a dog that encompassed all of our visions. He is a foxy wolf dog with the texturing and spikes of a bearded dragon, and large, compassionate alien eyes. I’m proud of the final design and I’m really excited to see where it goes.

“The Bad” — At the end of week 1 I got really sick and that really messed with my productivity a lot. The storyboards were passed on to other group members to be turned into an animatic and while I knew our story 100%, I wasn’t able to practice presenting with the animatic beforehand which really jarred me during the presentation. I wanted to show the storyboards instead under the theory that if our animatic was not accurately timed there was no point in showing it, but I was overruled. I also had to go home for the jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah so my productivity is low from Sunday – Tuesday. But overall, I feel confident in the pace our group is working and I’m proud of everything we’ve accomplished so far.